Bacon & Bourbon

Why do these two go together? Is it because they both start with the letter “B”? Who thought it would be a great idea that bacon and bourbon should be served together?

According to Ol’ Major Bacon Bourbon, “The mixture has been called both “crazy” and “delicious,” but those with taste buds agree that the bacon and bourbon form a delicate, but rugged balance of flavor and drunk.”

To test this theory (a second time), Georgie and I, along with our friends, Erin & Pat, Sarah & Matt, are hosting a Bacon and Bourbon Event tomorrow evening.

Tonight, I slow-baked some thick-cut bacon. I wanted that melt-in-your-mouth feeling. But, since I’m making egg salad with bacon, I had to convect the shit out of them.

Tomorrow, we are making brussels sprouts (with bacon!), grilled cheese sandwiches (with bacon!!), and meatloaf covered with… bacon!!!… and a bourbon-glaze thingy on top of it!

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