Catching Up, Karaoke, Dancing…

Oh, and there were bacon-inspired dishes and drinks, too!

I find it interesting that, when we have parties in our home, people tend to stay to one side of the house; the west side, where the kitchen, dining area, and front room are. One might conjecture that the appeal are the food and drinks. Maybe.

We did, eventually, get a few guests to cross-over to the other side. You karaoke singers were the life of the party! I watched some of the videos that were taken — not to worry, your secrets are safe with me! — and the pure joy in everyone’s laughter and enjoyment was overwhelming. Life should be like this for everyone.

Toward the end of the party, the ladies and I had a little dance party. We danced to Cuban and Puerto Rican salsa and merengue!

Here is a little video I made with highlights from last night.

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